Costa Rica Information

Costa Rica is a treasure. It’s a tropical paradise and an ecotourism paradise, making it one of the best places to experience the tropics with minimum impact. It’s also generally coastline, which means great surfing, white sand beaches.

Costa Rica offers you green jungles are home to monkeys, relaxed sloths, countless lizards, crocodiles, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling variety of exotic flora and fauna. Meantime, endangered sea turtles nest on both coasts and rain forests defend evasive jungle cats and birds.

Adventure seekers in Costa Rica can fly through tropical rain forests on canopy, peer into hot volcanoes, surf giant waves and dive with whales and dolphins, all in the course of a typical day. Then again, if you have some serious chilling to do, you can always lounge in a hammock and enjoy the pure life, or pura vida.

Costa Rica Vacations

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Costa Rica is a small mountainous country bordered to the north by Nicaragua and Panama to the south.

Costa Rica boasts both a Pacific and a Caribbean Coast which makes fusions of different travel itineraries very simple. The Costa Rica tourist infrastructure, a stable climate and the absolute tenderness of its people make Costa Rica one of the easiest Tropical countries in which to travel. Costa Rica information

Costa Rica Attractions

San Jose Costa Rica

The capital of Costa Rica is the transportation center of the entire country, so most visitants pass at least a few days in the city. It has a more North American sense to it than many America Central capitals, with fast-food chains, shopping malls, department stores.

However, it also has various excellent museums, theaters, zoo (zoologicos), parks, rivers, rainforest, beaches, monuments, towns, colorful markets some great restaurants, and a fine home environment for your stay in Costa Rica Tropical.

The more prestigious museum of Costa Rica are the Museo Nacional, which has exhibits of religious art, colonial furniture, Costa Rican archaeology. The most extraordinary city building is the Teatro Nacional ( National Theater ), constructed in the 1890s. Plays, ballets, operas and performances by the National Symphony Orchestra. the Museo de Oro Precolombino (The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum), which houses an amazing collection of gold objects; and the Museo de Jade ( museum of Jade ), with the world’s biggest collection of American jade sculptures. The most popular market in Costa Rica is Mercado Central (Market Central), which bustles rather than buzzes, but has a variety of craft work , leatherwork and some of the cheapest meals in San Jose town. Costa Rica Attractions more info.

Costa Rica Culture

Costa Rica is a country of wonderful biodiversity. Its flora and fauna, natural attractions and reputation for preservation attracts nature lovers from the entire world. Political initiatives have made causes to defend the country’s image as a tourism destination, making Costa Rica one of the best areas to experience the tropics naturally and with minimum impact.

The cultural action in Costa Rica has simply begun to prosper in the last 100 years, due to a past European influence erasing most of the aboriginal culture. This conduces to the country being observed more for its natural beauty and friendly natives than for its culture. Costa Rica Culture


This beautiful place in Costa Rica ( Monteverde )was constituted by Quakers in 1951 and is now an attractive and popular destination for both ticos and international visitants. The town of Santa Elena is the closest settlement to the Monteverde rain forest reserve.

The road passing from the town’s heart to the reserve ( Monteverde Rain Forest ) is agglomerated with attractions including the serpentarium, the butterfly garden, a cheese plant, a number of art galleries, canopy tours, hotels, and crafts. Interesting though these attractions are, they are simply the warm-up acts for the principal activity.

Costa Rica Tours

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Car Rental Agencies in Costa Rica

Tico Traveler Offers for the adventurer traveler, renting a car is one of the safest manners to get to know Costa Rica . It can also be one of the most challenging facets of a vacation here. Roads are frequently in poor situation or congested, in Costa Rica can be violent drivers, mainly taxis and buses. If you will principally be travelling on cemented road in and around the Central Valley or going to important beach destinations , a car is possibly a fine selection. If you will be travelling outside of important destination routes, we propose renting a 4 wheel drive vehicle


Costa Rica Diving

Costa Rica’s undersea marvels variety from coastal coral reefs to offshore islands. Those diverse dive spots include diverse and beautiful marine life that includes giant sea turtles, gigantic manta rays, intricate coral formations, colorful angel fish, psychedelic sea slugs, delicate sea fans, spiny puffer fish, dolphins and, on rare times, whales.

Costa Rica Rafting

The first exciting activity disciplines that captured the public’s taste, and that today enjoys great popularity is Rafting in Costa Rica . It’s a sports modality that consists of descending a river of fast waters, where the current waves the ship. It’s directed by a Rafting guide, while the rest of the crew assist from the lateral seats with their oars.

Costa Rica Kayaking

Confronting strong masses of fast water with skill, without fear and speed, are element of the necessary factors that kayaking lovers ought to have. Canoe or kayak, are two different words that make reference to a same sport, that offers excitement to those persons who enjoy the sensation of water splashing on their bodies and faces.

White water kayaking is a preferred action extreme sport and Costa Rica has hosted numerous worldwide tournaments.

Kayaking in Costa Rica is also quickly gaining fanatics because just about anyone can handle it after a small number of lessons. When the waves are rolling and easy, it offers a perfect manner to travel quietly to mangroves and estuaries for up close and personal viewing of flora and fauna; and when the waves commence to pound, it provides exciting extreme sport for those with a taste for wet fun.Costa Rica Kayaking

Costa Rica Local Flights

Costa Rica Local Flights, the fastest method to travel throughout the country is absolutely via local transport flights operated by our contacts. Local Flights depart out of San Jose, or any of the destinations on the schedule, however, be aware that there are not local flights in between coastal destinations and that you must travel back to San Jose first in order to reach another destination. It is also significant to note that there are baggage limitations including surfboards , oversized baggage, etc. Below is a list of the prices, planned local flights and destinations.Costa Rica Local Flights.